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Founded in 2006, the modern professional women's clothing company.

About us

Guangzhou Yin Yue Garment Co., Ltd., founded in 2006, the company is set product design, production and sales in one of the modern professional women's clothing company.

Venture so far, owns its women's brand "YANIDISI" and "BALIJING"

Rong Lin clothing

Venture so far, its first women's brand "YANIDISI" in the country already has 23 provincial-level agents, affiliated stores more than 300.

n 2015, the company's development momentum is more rapid, the strong demand of our customers, we launched the "YANIDISI" sister brand ------ "BALIJING", as our company next year's strategic focus of development, and a new Make money effect, is bound to bring new and old customers an absolute surprise and excellent return!

Professional design team

The company has a first-class design and development team, design director by the company founder Wang Zhenyun personally featuring design core staff each year to go abroad to study and study many times, to understand the trend of the popular elements, after the depth of analysis designed to meet China Characteristic of fashion.