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Brand center

BALIJING fashion empire, so that style never fade
 Yanni Tiu free interpretation of the nature, played the city self Rhapsody 

Brand center

From Hong Kong's fashion brand BALIJING, it created a fashion empire, representing a brand of large family, BALIJING products penetrate the fashion trend of each field, its distinctive design style, unique beauty, it swept the world.

BALIJING Fashion always has an elegant, simple, exquisite style, whether it is with a strong neutral elements of the five-star pullovers, two-piece tweed suit, with a strong feminist tassel pattern totem, or white cents silk , Often create an unprecedented sense of design.

"Gorgeous negative is not poor, but vulgar". Well, BALIJING is a practical gorgeous, meticulous, luxurious, never fade BALIJING spirit, on behalf of a timeless style, so that women radiant, to create a simple and comfortable luxury philosophy.

Brand founder

Although the fashion will be in the past, but the style will survive, BALIJING brand founder Wang Zhenyun said: BALIJING is now in the forefront of the international trend, but BALIJING is dedicated to become a very personal style of the brand, highlighting the personality of women and let the radiance, the world Everywhere we do not have the style, we hope that in the near future, each woman has a set of their own BALIJING, highlight their own timeless style.

Brand Style

Yes, in fact, every girl should do two things: a taste and shine This is the reason why most independent women choose BALIJING Barley King, compared with the traditional less Shu-style version, BALIJING Barley King more comfortable, free, comfortable and let you shine, so why not? It is every kind of products are well-known, natural material does not hurt the skin, more quality; girls should love themselves, almost everyone's experience are revealed to us: only you love yourself, will someone else love You later after you enjoy the pursuit of elegance, and that is what you should be, so every series of BALIJING are restrained tailoring and unique details of the starting this year's early spring series on the interpretation of the style of fashion and slightly feminine The modern French style.

Brand design

BALIJING brand clothing design, composed of well-known designer team in Hong Kong, BALIJING designers so describe their own design, art, not constantly thinking about what to do next, but ask yourself in what way? So that BALIJING fashion sense will be torrent Yong Jin, BALIJING designers will be the spirit into each of his design, which by the mid-range female group favorite, BALIJING is also designed for 20 -35-year-old fashion urban women To create a style of women, and BALIJING in this area is undoubtedly a success.

Brand combining

Brand has done so, but BALIJING market planning is the world, only one year, there are 11 agents in the country, BALIJING itself belongs to the Guangzhou Silver Garment Co., Ltd., and now join Shop is 68, the agent area is located in Beijing this international metropolis, as well as Chengdu, Henan, Kunming, Hefei, Heilongjiang, Shandong, Hunan, more G20 summit held in Hangzhou, and Suzhou. Its exuberant vitality amazing, in March this year, BALIJING brand national investment, which also means that the brand to join, you will take the first step in the success of entrepreneurship!