The fourth generation of automatic template sewing system brought about by the innovation

TIME:2017年3月31日 09:04

All along, the garment industry is a labor-intensive industries, the rapid development of the garment industry, can not be separated from the continuous upgrading of clothing equipment, and continuously improve.

Garment production process used by the equipment than sewing equipment, embroidery equipment, etc., and the development process of sewing machine, has experienced four generations of development. The advent of the first generation of sewing machines is based on hand or foot as the driving force of the arm-type manpower sewing machine as the representative. In 1889, the United States wins the company invented the motor-driven sewing machine, since the creation of a new era of sewing machine industry, the second generation of sewing machines come out. Ordinary sewing machine, computer sewing machine, computer long arm machine, etc., are the second generation of electric sewing machine, mainly belt drive and direct drive two. The invention of the third-generation sewing machine is an arm-type computer sewing machine mainly driven by a slot frame, such as a computer pattern machine, a long-arm machine for simple CNC modification, and the like. Today's fourth-generation sewing machine era is the era of automatic sewing machine, which is characterized by bridge, long, intelligent control. Such as: computer stencil sewing machine, CNC sewing machine and so on.

Today, the traditional garment processing in garment processing, especially sewing process still occupy a dominant position. With the improvement of people's consumption level, the demand for clothing also increased, the clothing business orders also increased. Enterprises are facing the problem gradually, how to reduce the cost of enterprises to enhance production efficiency, as enterprises to upgrade the development of the key issues. According to the market research and feedback, the current garment manufacturing enterprises are mainly faced with the following six bottlenecks: recruitment difficult; with expensive; operating mode aging; production efficiency is not high; skilled training cycle is long;

These problems are obstacles to the development of enterprises. Fu Yi fourth generation of automatic template sewing system, broke through the previous three generations of sewing machine restrictions, which can be a good solution to the garment manufacturers are facing these problems. The emergence of automatic template sewing system, will bring the industry innovation, the emergence of its automatic template sewing machine, but also to solve the garment industry's most pressing future trends.

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